Letting go

It’s time to move on, get a fair price for your firm and make sure clients and the team are looked after.

Selling your firm will represent the start of a new phase of your life. You won’t be doing the same things each day, you won’t have the same responsibilities and your bank balance should open up a few more options for you too. It really is a complex and life-changing event and you should give careful consideration to enlisting some impartial support.

Where do I start?

You know you need to start planning your exit but what are the critical first steps. It’s probably not responding to an email offering you great riches. You need clear information, open conversations and the chance to talk to experts.

Exit Workshop

We run regular workshops for those considering their exit options in the coming years. It’s a chance to gain invaluable information, work through a case study and discuss the challenge with other like-minded business owners.

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I want to be ready

You’re ready to start the process and you know this is a complex project. You have a lot of questions and a desire to learn at your own pace, before planning your desired approach and working through the project with your chosen professional team supporting you.

Exit Pack

We’ve used our experience working on over 200 transactions, to help you increase your knowledge, plan and ultimately execute this project, and to get it right first time. The Exit Pack is a comprehensive solution containing written and video guidance, practical tools, templates and checklists.

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I'm ready to go and need help

You're ready to exit your business and would like help finding the right buyer and getting the deal done. You know there are plenty of organisations that could help you, but you want someone to represent you and your interests.

M&A Support

We are able to help with planning, finding the right buyer from right across the market and ultimately getting you through to completion. We are able to represent you, or work with both you and the buyer on a collaborative basis.

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I just want to find out more

There’s plenty of information available on the subject of selling businesses. Unfortunately, most of this information relates to listed companies where data is widely available. When it comes to your type of firm, you have to hunt high and low for relevant and credible information.


You’ll find some useful insights in our blog section and there are a variety of tools, guides and templates in our resources section. We hope you find what you’re looking for, but if you don’t, just get in touch and we’ll try to help out.

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"A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty, has wasted thirty years of his life."

Muhammad Ali

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