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A unique perspective

We're not trying to be different, we're striving to be effective. It's what drives us every day. We're helping business owners to level up. To plan and execute towards defined goals and to enjoy the momentum of the ride. Business can be a journey or an adventure and the difference is mindset. We like to think we have the right mindset.

Our Purpose

We are committed to mastery; the long-term pursuit of excellence. This means we are always curious, always looking for ways to make things better, easier, quicker and above all, more valuable. We enjoy the momentum that is inherent in the progressive realisation of a self-selected worthy goal. Stoic in our approach to challenges, we take things in our stride and learn as we grow.

Our Values

At it's foundation, Kingmakers is built on two core attributes; self-awareness and responsibility. We only take on problems we know we can solve and we embrace complete transparency. We have an abundance mentality and have refined our solutions every year, always convinced we can do better for our clients. We also like to have fun, because life's too short.

Our Mission

We are committed to the development of a new kind of business, one that's owned by those that add value to it, genuinely prioritises clients interests and balances profit with purpose, at scale. It's what we're building at Kingmakers and it's what we help our client's create too. We combine deep insight and extensive practical experience to create, scalable solutions that can address market-wide challenges and deliver tangible solutions.

Rob Stevenson

Rob is obsessed with helping companies achieve their potential. The founder and heartbeat of Kingmakers since 2005, Rob’s day job includes problem solving through strategy work, business modelling, project management and working on mergers and acquisitions. When working on the business, he build’s solutions to business management problems. Married with two kids, Rob loves hurling himself downhill on either a mountain bike or a snowboard.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self."

Ernest Hemingway

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Regardless of how you contact us, an actual human being will respond. The address below is a serviced office, but there are real people there. We're there regularly too and it's nice. We can meet there if you want...

Suite 3, 25 South St, Eastbourne BN21 4UP
Kingmakers Circle of Trust

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