Exit pack

To be out of your business in the next three years, you need to start work now.

The life you save may be your own

Your inbox is full of emails promising you great riches and a safe haven for your clients when you retire. You’ve read articles about people just like you who’ve sold out to a big business and got a massive premium. It all looks grand but discreetly, in workshop comfort breaks and post-study group beers, where all the real talk happens, different sides of the stories emerge. Who to trust? Truth is, you need the support of independent professionals, to help you exit with integrity.


Exit your business with integrity. Take control of the sale of your business, by gaining the critical information you need, in a retrievable format, from a reliable, impartial source.


Discover ways to balance the value of your business, with the various aspects of the deal. While initial vs deferred payments, contingent payments and so on are important, but so is the welfare of your client’s and the team.


The sale of your business is significant milestone in your life. Take the right action now, so you whether it’s Old Town in Marbella, or Bridgetown in Barbados, you never need to cross the street, to avoid an ex-client.

How we help

Through the experience of over 200 transactions, we’ve developed an essential pack containing guidance, practical tools, usable templates and checklists. Taken together this pack helps you understand the process, plan, value your business, chose a preferred option and ultimately proceed through negotiations, due diligence, legals and through to completion. It doesn't replace us doing it all for you, but it comes very close.


Obtain an independent and impartial assessment of the value of your firm. Load your data into the supplied financial model and the resulting valuation range will cover multiples of revenue and operating profit and percentage of assets under management.


Learn the various deal shapes that typically apply to different valuations. Discover the optimum strategy to follow in each possible scenario, to negotiate your deal from a position of strength.


Use our in-depth video and written guides, tools and templates to undertake every aspect of your deal. High-level videos provide the background information and practical tutorials using a case study, provide depth and context.

Sounds good – what next?

If you think you’d like to be out of your business at some point in the next three years, you need to start now. Fill out the form below and start the process of investing in your retirement.

"Skydiving is a rather safe affair, provided you have a parachute."

Nicholas J. Nigro

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