Since 2005, we’ve been building and refining tangible solutions to your most pressing challenges.

We deliver a range of solutions for business owners looking to optimise, scale or exit their firms. Developed over a decade of research, experience and refinement, we offer a mixture of education, consulting and coaching, brought together with just the right combination of today’s technology, to help you build and realise value from your business.

Business planning

Get clarity on where you are heading, develop a strategy and tactics to help you get there, validate your plans with a detailed financial model and get the entire team to buy in and contribute to the mission.

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Scope out what you want done, determine all the necessary steps, get buy-in, obtain assistance where you have resource gaps and ultimately, get your most important projects finished.

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M&A support

Plan, project manage and execute a fair deal, with our assistance. From planning, to heads of terms, fund raising, due diligence, all the legals, completion and integration.

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Learn the fundamentals before you get in the room, recap, practice with like-minded participants, hone your knowledge, pick our brains, immerse yourself in the experience and we’ll send you a record of it all afterwards.

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Understand the fundamentals of business value, obtain valuations using each different approach, interpret the results and where in the range your valuation should sit.

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Exit pack

We’ve used our experience working on over 200 transactions, to help you increase your knowledge, plan and ultimately execute this project, and to get it right first time. The Exit Pack is a comprehensive solution containing written and video guidance, practical tools, templates and checklists.

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Our Approach

Regardless of what the opportunity or challenge is, we start with the end in mind, working with you to define a detailed vision of what you are trying to achieve and then working backwards to the present day, to identify all the important activities and milestones along the way. This zoom in, zoom out approach builds invaluable perspective and is underpinned by Value Management, a complete framework for business improvement, designed to maximise the overall performance of a firm and recognised as both a British and European standard (BS EN 12973).

Working with us

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