Business planning

Whether you are optimising or scaling your business, it's a complex undertaking. You need a robust planning solution.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail

You’ve probably used that phrase with a client before, but it applies equally to you. We can identify with the sentiment, but do we actually do anything about it? Most don’t, and their businesses stay largely where they are; experiencing modest incremental growth and plenty of frustration for the owner. If that’s not you and you are going to take action to change your business, we can help.


Explore what's possible, challenge yourself and engage in a robust process to align every aspect of the firm behind a comprehensive plan for scale, moving the business towards your vision.


Embrace the discipline necessary to lead the team and help everyone take responsibility for their own goals, maintain focus and ultimately deliver the projects that will lead to your vision becoming a reality.


Maintain detailed records of your plans, the results and the inevitable adjustments along the way. This creates an invaluable record of your approach to business management and the development of enterprise value.

How we help

Since 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners with business planning and through this experience, we’ve developed an elegantly simple approach to this often-complex challenge.


Through facilitated group discussions and the use of our unique proprietary tools, you will design a clear, shared vision for the firm, assess today's performance and determine proximity to the desired future state for the business.


Develop a detailed plan that closes the gap between your vision and your reality, using our proprietary planning tool that fuses together the creative elements of strategy and the rational elements of financial forecasting. We produce forecast management accounts, business valuation and key business metrics.


Work through implementation of your plan by crafting your detailed Mission. This highlights the key elements of the plan, the detail for business as usual and the program of projects for the first year, all at functional and individual levels.

Sounds good – what’s next?

If your serious about scaling your firm, then fill out the form below. We generally kick things off with a video call, (we send you a clickable link), so we can discuss your specific requirements and we can show you what a finished plan looks like.

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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