Top 5 financial planning myths

When defining your client proposition, the subject of financial planning vs financial advice almost always comes up. While the majority of our clients identify with financial planning, creating a scalable proposition that can accommodate differing depths of detail, is a challenge.

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If your business was a person, what would that person be like?

Understanding your company's personality helps you build a strong working culture and brand, which are both essential things to get right as your firm grows.

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Tied to the mast

In this blog, we discuss the fundamental principles to help you implement your business plan. A series of tasks that are essential to success, but frequently overlooked.

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Weather the storm

When facing an economic storm, you need a clear plan that maps out where you want to get to, where are you now, how you get there. Discover the 8 key principles of successful business planning and use them to build your plan.

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A perfect storm?

The last decade was defined by a powerful bull market. Good times. Calm waters. Hope you made the most of them. The wind is up and the chop is turning into churn. What should a business owner do when the perfect storm is on the horizon?

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Finance to scale your firm

Growth through referrals is often painfully slow. The alternative is to attempt to grow through acquisition. Funding is a critical issue and up until recently, sources of capital have been few and far between. But that's changing...

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The Deal Diary: A tale of woe

Whether you are just starting the process, or actively engaged in the whirlwind that is selling or acquiring a firm, you should find something in here you can relate to.

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Valuations – depends who you ask

For most business owners, their business is their pension. And yet the majority rely on snippets of information that often comes from sources with conflicting agendas.

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