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Why Meaning and Purpose are different

Many people treat meaning and purpose as the same thing even though as nouns they are not interchangeable; they don’t mean the same thing. Read on to find out why and how making the distinction can help you.

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Acquiring businesses is complicated, but the headaches dramatically increase when the post-transaction integration starts. Success requires a distinct set of skills and a long-term resource commitment.

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Succession is a growth strategy

Preparing for a change of ownership requires long term planning that starts with you, the current owner. It also requires a long-term business planning approach and early engagement with potential successors.

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A serial entrepreneur?

The skills required to lead a start-up are distinct from those needed to take an existing successful business to the next level. If you don’t adapt, you die. From a career perspective that is. Have a read. It’s a true story.

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Simple exercises to explore your purpose

If you’ve been looking for some answers to life’s big questions, then this post is for you. Some practical exercises to help uncover your purpose await…

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The EV Formula

Over a twenty-year period, Rob’s been exploring enterprise value. What it is, how to build it and the smartest ways to realise it. This post unpacks his formula for the development and realisation of enterprise value. Have a look.

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Conferences & shiny new things

We all love a day out and a conference is a great opportunity to get away from the offices, learn new things and find out what other people are up to. But danger lurks in the aftermath. Go but have a plan for what you will do when you get back.

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No regrets

You don’t want to be the person in the care home, who moans all day about how they could have had a shot at greatness. But do you realise that right now. If you’re wondering whether you should realise your ambition, this one’s for you.

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